About Us

Who We Are

SkyNetBD has started its operation in the year 2016 with the commitment of quality internet service at an affordable price . It is the Best Broadband service provider in Sarishabari , Jamalpur

Our Services:

  • FTP Server
  • Media Streaming Server
  • Live TV Server
  • Torrent Servers
  • 720p/1080p Youtube Video Streaming

Our Policy

We beieve in Quality & Provide the Best Internet for our Users.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. We have built our company around that belief.

Online Gaming

One of our main Aim is to satisfy all the Gamers out there, by providing them with stable Internet Connection along with Real IP, port blocking/forwarding solutions, good stable pings in European and Singapore servers.

Our Skills

IT Solutions
Fiber Connectivity
Power Backup Solutions
Online Technical Support